Sonnets of William Shakespeare [Features]

Sonnets of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was one of the most important sonneteer of  Elizabethan Age . Who wrote 154 Sonnets. William Shakespeare’s Sonnets are divided into two series:

  1. Fair Youth (1 to one 126)  
  2. Dark Lady (127 to 154).

The first series i.e 1-126 is addressed to a youth or to a very young man of a great beauty. The second series i.e 127-154 consists of sonnets to or about a certain dark mistress whom the poet loves but whom he also despises.

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  • Shakespeare’s sonnets present some surprising rehearsals of conventions from earlier love poetry. The 154 sonnets are basically divided into two parts-The male speaker of  126 sonnets woos a younger man whereas the second group comprising of sonnets 127 to 154 are addressed to a dark lady.
  • The Sonnets of William Shakespeare’s are written with an astonishing self-consciousness,a deep sense that love opens enormous vistas of noble reflection, not all of it flattering.
  •  Sonnet 65,is very famous sonnets among other Shakespearean sonnets including the theme of “immortality of art”.
  • Shakespeare’s sonnets developed of the key themes of Renaissance Literature and humanist thought-time,death, art and fame. This is however over-shadowed by the more engrossing “themes of love” and “immortality of art”.
  • Beyond these general themes of the sonnets are rich in linguistic realization, they have highly valued for their  evocation, both complex and immediate of inner experiences. Some of the more powerful emotion of the sonnets-shame,desire,longing and loathing depend upon his realization of individual in territory as social dialogue.

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