What is Word? [An Explanation]

What is word?

The Word is a smallest Linguistic entity that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meaning  ; for e.g. ‘I’, ‘Are’, ‘You’, ‘Book’ are words. Any word in any language made up either one phonim or more than one phonim, for example- the words in English language like “Eye”, “Or”, “Oh” are (Transcription writing) consists of one phonemes each. In British English the letter ‘r’ is not pronounced at the end of the words.

Moreover ‘A’ diphthong is one sound unit. Similarly, the words like Eat, Tea, Zoo (Transcription) are made of two phonims and words like God, Fat, Kiss are made of three phonims and so on.

Words made of single syllable are called Monosyllablic, word which have more than one syllable are called Disyllablic words. For e.g.- Father, Honest. Words with three syllable are called trisyllablic words. Example – Elephant, Friendliness etc. There are few words such ‘Agriculture’, ‘remarkable’ with four syllables and ‘Examination’, ‘Opposition’ with five syllables, these words are known as poly syllabic words.

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