Who were Britons? The Roman invasion of Britons or England

Who were Britons?

The Britons were the Celtic people culturally dominating Great Britain from the British Iron Age until the Early Middle Ages. They spoke the Insular Celtic language known as British or Brythonic. They lived throughout Britain south of about the Firth of Forth, after the 5thcentury Britons also migrated to continental Europe where they established the settlements of Brittany in France and the obscure Britonia in what is now Galicia, Spain. Their relationship to the Picts north of the Forth has been the subject of much discussion.
The Britons, also known as Celtic Britons or Ancient Britons, were Celtic people who inhabited Great Britain from at least the British Iron Age into the Middle Ages, at which point their culture and language diverged into the modern Welsh, Cornish and Bretons (among others). They spoke the Common Brittonic language, the ancestor to the modern Brittonic languages.
The earliest evidence for the Britons and their language in historical sources dates to the Iron Age. After the Roman Conquest of 43 AD, a Romano-British culture began to emerge. With the advent of Anglo-Saxon settlement in the 5th century, the culture and language of the Britons began to fragment by the 11th century their descendants had split into distinct groups and are generally discussed separately as the Welsh, Cornish, and Britons. The British language developed into the distinct branches of Welsh, Cornish, and Briton.

The Roman invasion of  England

The Roman Conquest of Britain (or The Roman invasion of England)  was a gradual process beginning effectively in 43AD under Emperor Claudius. Great Britain had already been the target of invasions by forces of Roman republic and Roman Empire. In common with other rejoins on the edge of Roman Empire, Britain had enjoyed diplomatic and trading links with the Romans since Julius Caesar’s expeditions in 55 and 54 BC. So, Roman economic and cultural influence was a significant past of the British Pre Roman Iron Age, specially in South. 

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